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Proposed Township Codification

The Township has prepared a proposed Codification of Township ordinances to replace the Code of Ordinances that dates back to 1994. This Codification Project involves four (4) proposed ordinances: (1) a Codification Adopting Ordinance which adopts Chapters 1 through 26 of the Code (excluding Chapters 22 and 27); (2) a Comprehensive Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance which adopts Chapter 22 of the Code; (3) a Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance which adopts Chapter 27 of the Code; and (4) a Manager Amendment Ordinance which amends the Manager regulations in Chapter 1 of the Code. The Board of Supervisors will hold various public hearings and consider adoption of these four (4) ordinances at a special meeting to be held on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 6:00pm at the Township Municipal Building. Below are the links to these proposed ordinances, including a summary of revisions.

Proposed Comprehensive Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (adopting Chapter 22 of Code):

Comprehensive SALDO Ordinance - Chapter 22 02-11-2015
Chapter 22 Subdivision and Land Development strike out and underline copy (Please note that this strike out and underline version is provided for reference purposes only in an attempt to show the changes from the current Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance. This strikeout and underline version will not be enacted.)

Proposed Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (adoption Chapter 27 of Code):

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance – Chapter 27 02-11-2015

Proposed Manager Ordinance Amendment:

Manager Ordinance Amendment 01-29-2015

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