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Departments - Permit Forms & Project Packets

Permit Forms and Project Packets

Commercial Building Permits (hide)

Building Permit Application Form

Building Permit Application Information Packet:

Residential Building Permits (hide)

Residential Building Permit Application Form

Residential Building Inspection Requirements/ Guidelines

New Construction/ Additions/ Alterations:

Building Permit Application Form

Residential Deck Permit

Residential Deck Building Permit Application Form

Residential Shed Permit (hide)

Residential Shed Building Permit Application Form

Residential Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Spa Building Permit (hide)

Residential Rental Inspections (hide)

Single Family Dwelling Rental Property-Inspection (Required every time Occupant changes)

Eleven or more Dwelling Units Rental Property-Annual Inspection

Demolition Permit (hide)

Permit Application Form

Portable On Demand Storage Unit Application (PODS) (hide)

Zoning Information

SALDO Subdivisions and Land Development

Grading Permit (hide)

Logging Ordinance (hide)

Fence installation guide (hide)
  • - Fences may be a maximum 6' high and must be at least 22' setback from any road. The fence may go up to the side and rear property lines with the exception if there is a road on the side or rear.

  • - Fences must be on your property. Fences cannot be located on Township road right of way.

  • - A permit is not required but you are required to do a PA ONE
    CALL 1 800 242 1776 before you dig anywhere.

  • - A Building Permit is always required for a fence as required for a swimming pool barrier.

Pool Safety Guide (hide)

Stormwater (hide)

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