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Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan

Government - Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan establishes a long-range vision and goals for the community and those goals guide the rest of the planning process. Goals are drive by Moon Township's issues and opportunities. They represent the community's broad aspirations and support the Township's overall vision. The objectives are organized in relationship to the primary goal that they support.

* Encourage High-Quality Development

* Promote Multi-Modal Interconnectivity Locally and Regionally

* Develop Community Identify

* Showcase and Support Community

* Embrace Collaboration and Cooperation

* Advance and Promote Sustainability

* Address Community Needs with Efficiency

To address the goals, the plan carefully balances future land use patterns, public costs, municipal revenue, natural resource protection, civic amenities, traffic improvement and community character in relation to one another. The integration of these resources is based on a thorough understanding of the community's capacity to support future development and exhaustive analysis of demographic socio-economic and physical factors. This analysis results in the preparation of an Action Plan that identifies long-term and sort-term projects and initiatives for the community.

The Board of Supervisors approved the Comprehensive Plan at a public meeting on June 5, 2015.

Comprehensive Plan

Vision Statement

Moon Township aspires to continue to be a distinctive community with effective and responsible leadership, where a high quality of life is enhanced with compatible, sustainable development and amenities, connected by multi-modal local and regional transportation.

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