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Rain Garden

Rain Garden

Unlike regular landscaping islands, the rain gardens are actually shallow basins planted with trees, shrubs, and perennials native to the region. The gardens are designed to let rain water filter through the vegetation and soak slowly into the ground. As a stormwater management technique, the rain gardens can help avoid overloading the local stormwater drainage system, which can cause overflows into area waterways.

Moon Township has numerous rain gardens throughout the township with three feature rain gardens surrounding the 9/11 Memorial Garden in front of the Township Municipal Building. Beyond improving the aesthetics of the memorial garden, the rain gardens function as a natural stormwater solution at the site by absorbing rainwater runoff from Beaver Grade Road and surrounding parking areas.

Green Roof Moon Township has received a grant from ACCD for a feasibility study to put a green roof on the township building. Visit for more information.

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