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Annual Raccoon Rabies Vaccination Baiting Project


Over the past 19 years there has been a significant reduction in human and pet exposures to rabies throughout Allegheny County. This is largely due to the efforts of the rabies vaccination program for wild raccoons spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services (USDA), who the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) partners with for this massive effort.

This year, employees and volunteers of ACHD and the UDSA will be distributing vaccine-containing baits from July 31 through August 17 across Allegheny County. Baits will be delivered both by hand from ground vehicles and by helicopter throughout the county. In Moon Township, baits will be distributed by helicopter only.

Protect your dogs! Protect your dogs!

The risk of adverse effects to humans and animals due to exposure to the vaccine is minimal, but the public is encouraged to avoid contact with the bait if possible. If a stray bait must be moved, it should be picked up using rubber or latex gloves or a shovel. Please keep your dogs on leashes during this time so that the raccoons eat the baits instead of your pups.

Click here for more information from the Allegheny County Health Department.

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